MEITY Quantum Computing
Applications Lab (QCAL)

Call For Proposals

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Aligned to the objectives above, second cohort of call for proposals are invited from researchers in the suggested areas as indicated below:
  • Fundamental aspects of quantum computation and quantum information.
  • Exploration and building of quantum algorithms which test cases established with quantum simulators and run them in quantum hardware
  • Quantum machine learning.
  • Optimization problems across many industries including telecommunications, supply chain logistics, and financial services.
  • Simulation of quantum systems with case-studies in broad applications e.g., design of new materials and catalysts, drug discovery, and the exploration of high-temperature superconductors.

The proposals should clearly call out the computation requirements and support sought. Each proposal will be evaluated by a committee, and credits will be offered subject to the recommendations of the committee.

Academicians, Scientists, Technologists and other practicing researchers from recognized academic, research institutions, registered start-ups, and registered scientific societies. Collaboration between start-ups and academia is encouraged.

NOTE: A separate initiative is being worked out to allocate credits under this project for student’s learning purposes. Hence, student learning asks will be covered in separate call for proposal and will not be eligible under this call for proposal.

Each proposal will be evaluated by an Evaluation Committee. Key factors to be considered for evaluation are:
  • Novelty of the proposal
  • Viability of proposed project
  • Industry Relevance
  • Individual vs team contribution
  • Clearly identifiable timelines, milestones and deliverables
It may kindly be noted that in addition to the review of proposals received, the principal investigators and concerned team may be asked to present their proposal. If so, the proposal presentation may take place preferably online. No cost will be reimbursed in connection with the proposal preparation and presentations etc. Keeping in view the volume of proposal MeitY QCAL Team will only respond to the proposals shortlisted for further considerations.

1+1 years

The MeitY Quantum Computing Application Lab will provide approved projects with access to quantum computing hardware, simulators, and programming tools, on-demand and at no cost, via Amazon Braket, as per the estimated requirement. The granted AWS credits for Amazon Braket service for computing will allow researchers to explore and build quantum algorithms, test on quantum circuit simulators, and run them on different quantum hardware technologies. Currently Amazon Braket provides access to three major quantum computing hardware(For more details visit:
  • Rigetti - Gate-based superconducting processors
  • IONQ - Gate-based ion-trap processors
  • DWave - Quantum annealers
  • OQC - Quantum annealers
  • Xanadu - Gate-based photonic quantum computers

As part of the Quantum Computing application Lab, AWS is offering researcher technical support and credits for the use of Amazon Braket service to advance research on Quantum computing. After the evaluation of the proposal by technical review committee the researcher of the selected projects will awarded with AWS credit to instantly access virtually the AWS infrastructure along with Amazon Braket. The credit will be provided as per the scope of the project.

  • There will be no allocation of funds to Institutes/research groups under this call for proposal
  • This call for proposal is limited to award free of cost access to quantum computing facility, as per point 8 above, for a certain period of time, basis estimates shared and the final decision of the committee of experts.

  • The Project proposals should have clear objectives, scope, outcome and quantifiable deliverables with specific milestones and time frame.
  • The proposals may be single or multi-institutional with well-defined role of individual institutions.
  • Collaboration between start-ups and academia is encouraged.
  • The proposals should clearly bring out AWS service requirements. Project should be implemented on AWS cloud and leverage AWS Braket for all quantum computing needs.
  • Important criterion for selection of a proposal, for further review, would be the promise, potential and evidence of new technology development leading to prototypes, proof of concepts in the above focus areas and its delivery.
  • Full CV of the PI (Principal Investigator)/Co-PI including research publication, citation, H-index, experience in the relevant area must be included in the proposal so that due weightage would be given.
  • Each proposal proposed by PI & Co-PI should mention about the stage of maturity of their relevant labs, at this point in time, so that the expectations of the time required in obtaining results from that lab can be clearly understood.
  • For more information, details and info on this programme, visit and for any queries, contact e-mail ID
  • Project proposal in the Standard Application Format only (Refer Annexure) will be accepted which shall be submitted to by PI only as per timeline. The proposal should be duly forwarded with the Cover Letter (refer Format at Annexure B) endorsed by the Head of the Institution.

  • Step I: The proposals compliant with the template will only be reviewed.
  • Step II: All the compliant proposals will further be evaluated based on the evaluation criteria.
  • Step III: The shortlisted proposals may be called for a presentation (Online mode only) to a committee of experts
  • It may kindly be noted that only shortlisted proposals will be intimated about the status.
  • Any proposal at any stage of review/evaluation process can be asked to submit more details (if required).

Sr. Activities Timeline
i Announcement T0 = 14th Sep 2022
ii Submission of queries (if any) T0 + 15 days = 21st September 2022
iii Last date for submission 30th Nov 2022
iv Evaluation of proposals Based on evaluation
v Final selections Based on evaluation